Policies & Regulations A-Z

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Academic Calendar

Academic Code of Conduct

Academic Load

Academic Scholarships

Academic Standing

Active Shooter Emergency Plan

Admission to the University

Anti-harassment and Retaliation Protection

Appeals to Academic Status

Appropriate Usage

Background Check

Behavioral Code of Conduct

Board Training Policy

Budget Policy and Planning

Business Casual Dress Code

Business Manual

Calculating GPA

Catalog of Record

Challenge by Examination

Clear Bag Policy

Collections Policy

Computer Replacement Policy

Computer Software Policy

Concurrent Degrees

Consumer Information Guide

Conflict of Commitment and Interest

Contract Management Policy

Cost Sharing

Course Attendance and Title IV

Course Enrollment Policy

Course Numbering System

Course Repeat Policy

Course Withdrawal Policy

Credit Earning Alternatives

Credit Hour Policies

Data Classification Policy

Data Policy

Delays and Cancellations

Deposits to the Ƶ Foundation, Inc.

Disbursements from the Ƶ Foundation, Inc.

Dismissal from the University

Domestic and International Exchange Policy

Drug and Alcohol Free Policy

Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit

Email Policy

Employment and Job Posting

Endowment Investment & Spending Policy

Establishment of Kentucky Residency

Ethics Hotline

Faculty Benefits

Faculty Handbook


Finance and Business Affairs Policies

General Education Transfer Policy

Gift Acceptance

Grading System

Graduate Catalog

Graphics Standards Manual

Grievance Policy

Holiday Schedule and Leave

Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Policies and Procedures

Human Resources Policy Manual

Instructional Technology - Online Course Enrollment/Access

Internal Audit Policy Manual

Internal Endowments Policy

International Students

Integrity and Ethics

IT Audit and Accountability

IT Security

K-Book (Student Handbook)

Naming or Renaming Policy

Maintaining Student Records

Mission Statement

NCAA Title IX and Serious Misconduct Disclosure Policy

Nepotism Policy

Non-fraternization Policy

Office of Internal Audit Policies and Procedures Manual

Online learning

Open Records Policy

Outside Activities

Outside Employment & Activities

Password Policy

Philanthropic Donations from Faculty and Staff

Photo Release

Policy on Policies

Policy on Policies Appendices

Readmission to the University

Returned Check Policy

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Separation and Retreat Policy

Shared Sick Leave Policy

Sick Leave Policy

Space Management

Sponsored Programs

Staff Senate Constitution

Student Athlete Handbook

Student Complaints

Student Financial Aid

Student Government Association Constitution

Student Government Association Handbook

Students in Research Policy

Study Abroad Policy

Support Services Animal Policy

Technology Complaints

The Gold Book

Title IV

Title IX


Transcript Request

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition Waivers

Undergraduate Catalog

University Equipment

University Vehicle Policies

Use of University Internet- Faculty and Staff

Use of University Internet- Students

Vacation Policy

Visiting Student Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy