Board of Regents

The Ƶ Board of Regents is the governing body of Kentucky State University. The Board normally consists of 11 members. However, due to a temporary vacancy, the Board currently consists of 10 members, including a staff representative, student representative, faculty representative, and seven Governor-appointed members ().

The Student Government Association President serves as the Student Regent for a one-year term and is then re-elected or replaced by his/her successor.

The Staff and Faculty Regents serve three-year terms and until their successors are elected and qualified.

There are five standing Board committees: Executive Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Finance & Audit Committee, Investment & Advancement Committee, and Student Engagement & Campus Life Committee. The current members of the Board of Regents are:

  • Ms. Tammi Dukes, Chair (2027)
  • Mr. Michael Adams, Jr., Vice Chair (2024)
  • Mr. Edward Fields (2022), Staff Regent (re-elected in 2023; will serve until 2026)
  • Dr. Ernie Fletcher (2023)
  • Mr. Edward Hatchett, Esq. (2025)
  • Mr. Jason Moseley (2026)
  • Dr. Charles Moyer (2027)
  • Mr. Robert Ramsey, Sr. (2028)
  • Dr. Herman Walston, Faculty Regent (re-elected in 2022; will serve until 2025)
  • Mr. Savion Briggs (2023), Student Regent (re-elected in 2023; will serve until 2024)