Mail and Print/Copy Center

Campus Mail

Our campus mail service includes the step of our vendor picking up the U.S. mail from the local United States Postal Service center once per day (in the morning), Monday through Friday. Once the U.S. mail is on our campus, our vendor sorts the mail for delivery to the various campus departments. 

If the USPS mail and/or packages, picked up by our vendor, is for our residential students, each piece is given a special barcode by our vendor.  This barcode allows our vendor to send out an automated email notification to residential students that they have mail and/or package ready for pick-up.  In the email, residential students are directed to go to the Carl M. Hill Student Center service window (Ƶ ID is required) in order to pick-up their mail and/or packages.   Any mail addressed to students who are not residential are marked "return to sender".  

The Ƶ Print and Post Mail Center (located in ASB) can be reached at (502) 597-6780 or by email at Ƶ Print and Post Mail Center office hours are:  Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Residential Students and Addressing/
Labeling Rules:
To ensure that residential student mail/packages reaches its destination, please be sure items being sent to residential students include the following:

Full (Formal) Name of Residential Student
Name of Residence Hall and Room Number
400 East Main Street
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

NOTE: Please use formal names, no nicknames; also do not send perishable items, due to spoilage. Please also ensure that the name of the student is on the label/package (not parent/guardian, etc.). Residential student mail services is also only provided to those students who actually are living in University provided housing. Ƶ's housing department provides a list of students who are living in University provided housing each semester. Any student attending Ƶ that does not live in University provided housing must have their mail sent to the address of where they are living.

Print and Copy Center
The Print and Copy Center is staffed with trained professionals dedicated to meeting the needs of all Ƶ faculty, staff and students.  The benefits of utilizing our services is not limited to pickup and drop-off.  The Print and Copy Center services now include in-office service calls, on-site training for the Ricoh printers, Ricoh printer setup and many other services. Turnaround times are subject to availability and uptime.

  • Standard Jobs within 1 business day
  • Rush Jobs within 4 hours or less
  • Job requests made after 5:00 pm will be charged an additional fee
  • High-Quality Color Copier
  • Professional Presentations

The Print and Copy Center *hours are  Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
(*University holidays and/or closures may impact these hours.)

The Print and Copy Center is located in the Julian M. Carroll Academic Services Building (2nd floor) and can be reached at (502) 597-6645 or by email at