Campus Catering

is the exclusive Food Service Vendor on campus. 

As such, they have the first right of refusal.

For your , you are required to contact Sodexo to discuss any needed for your campus group/event.

You can reach Sodexo-Catering at (502) 597-6397 or (502) 597-5664.

Please make sure you allow for two to four weeks for both your inquiry to our dining partner which allows for the needed/necessary internal processing of a requisition which will then become a purchase order (PO) should our dining partner be able to accommodate you/your event. 

  • If our dining partner is able to accommodate your event (that involves refreshments), they will need to receive the Purchase Order (PO) in advance.
    • Without a Purchase Order, your event could be canceled (from having refreshments) as Sodexo would have no obligation to provide food for your event.
    • However, if your event is held and refreshments were secured by other means, your event/group could be cited for breach of contract.

If you are hosting an event on campus and do not contact our dining partner for event support (food, drinks), you/your event could be cited for breach of contract. 

If you have approached our dining partner and they declined being able to accommodate your event, they will provide that to you in writing and a copy will be shared with Auxiliary Services.

For more information about catering, visit